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Bishop's Stortford

Squash & Racketball Club

Hertfordshire's finest

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A Sports Club with Heritage

Founded in 1948, Bishop's Stortford Squash and Racketball Club is a Community Amateur Sports Club, owned entirely by it's membership - operating on a non-profit basis.  

We are proud to have been named by England Squash, 'Club of the Year' on two separate occasions. We welcome all ages, genders and standards of players and we host optional ongoing leagues, regular tournaments, exhibition matches and social events throughout the year.

Get fit - or get competitive 

The choice is yours

Squash & Racketball are indoor sports played with a racket and a small, hollow rubber ball.

At a more advanced level, they are fast-moving sports and at any level they are excellent cardiovascular exercise.

Games are played in a four-walled court by players of almost any age - and both are easy to learn.

Forbes Magazine declared squash as "the healthiest sport available" whilst MensHealth Magazine said it burns "more calories per minute than any other sport"

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